Online Resources

Class Link is always the first place to log in. Remember to always use the link on a CCBOE web page like our CMS website.  Then, use your email and password to log into your account.
*First, log into your Class Link account.
*Then look for the Middle School box and open the MyHRW app.
*You will use the same user name and password to open both Class Link and MyHRW.
*Always start in the upper left corner.  Use the drop down menu to select the unit and/or chapter.
*In the app, click on Page View on the left and use the slider to make the textbook pages larger.
*Across the top:
Book Pages tab - online textbook which includes video segments and listening practice
Student Resources tab - good practice activities in the @Home Tutor
                                       - digital flashcards for the vocabulary in the Review section
Google Classroom Codes for 2023-24

Term 3

6th Grade Connections Spanish:     ps36mll


7th Grade Connections Spanish:    ujtnetj


8th Grade Spanish 1 (High School Credit):     2fki2gv