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PE and Health

Welcome to Columbia Middle School. My name is Tony Walsh and I am entering my 16th year in education. I am the Head Coach for Grovetown High School's Cross Country team. My areas of certification are in Physical Education & Health, Middle Grades Math and Science, and Education Leadership.
I have three children, all of whom are and were proudly educated in our Columbia County school district. Please contact me with any concerns or comments and I will promptly get back to you.

Class Schedule

1st - 7th Grade - 7:30 - 8:15

2nd - 7th Grade - 8:18 - 9:03

3rd - 6th Grade - 10:03 - 10:48

4th - 6th Grade - 10:51 - 11:36

Planning and Lunch - 11:39 - 12:57

6th - LFH 8th Grade - 1:00 - 1:45

7th - 8th Grade - 1:48 - 2:35

Google Classroom Codes:
1st Period: 7youh45
2nd Period: hvn5p52
3rd Period: 7v3c3oe
4th Period: wcybzeg
LFH 8th Grade: gppcdnb
7th Period: h2qsn7x
Remind Codes:
1st: cmswalsh1
2nd: cmswalsh2
3rd: cmswalsh3
4th: cmswalsh4
LFH 8th Grade: ac37c3
7th: cmswalsh7