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Mrs. Ringel's 8th Grade ELA

Welcome to Mrs. Ringel's 8th grade ELA class. Utilize my website and Google Classroom for class links and other important information throughout the school year.  All assignments will be posted through Google Classroom. Make sure you are signed up for REMIND by texting @ringel2021 to 81010. I look forward to a fabulous year together.

1st Period 7:30 – 8:27

2nd Period 8:30 – 9:27

3rd Period 9:30 – 10:27

4th Period 10:30 – 11:57 (lunch)

5th Period 12:00 – 12:57

Planning/Connections 1:00 – 2:35

2020-2021 Supply List UPDATED
Due to social distancing, we want to make sure everyone has their own supplies so that we do not have to share.
Pencils/Pens (erasers)
Paper (college ruled - in a binder that can be shared with other classes)
Glue sticks (tape is also fine)
Highlighters (any colors)
The Outsiders Novel by S.E. Hinton (we will start this a few weeks into the school year and this will allow us to read the novel while not sharing books)
Any donations are graciously appreciated.
Hand sanitizer
Clorox Wipes 
Individually wrapped candy
Google Classroom 
All classroom information, handouts, projects, etc. can be found on the Google Classroom page. There will be a quarterly calendar found at the top of the "Classwork" tab in google classroom. Please check frequently as dates are subject to change.
All weekly work will be posted under the tab with the date of the week. When students are absent or working from home on their "home day", they must complete the assignments that are posted.
Learn From Home
We will utilize Google Classroom as our platform for all assignments. You MUST check it daily for new information, assignments, videos, announcements, etc.
Please send messages/questions through REMIND @ringel2021, Google Classroom, or email sandra.ringel@ccboe.net
To purchase a new ID Badge:
  • Badges are $5.
  • Students MUST wear them on a daily basis. This will be how students will purchase lunches.
REMIND: @ringel2021