Mr. Blitch's 8th Grade ELA

Content for the year:

Reading: Nonfiction and Fiction, Literature of Horror Unit, Literary Elements, Figurative Language, Articles, Novels, Short Stories, Articles

 Grammar: Verb Moods/Voice, Punctuation, Verbals, Review

Writing: Argumentative, Informational, Narrative, Constructed Responses

Vocabulary: Weekly Roots with Coinciding words weekly, Content words

This is very important: YOU MUST join Google Classroom (Mr. Blitch will provide this in class).  It is imperative that you join as assignments are listed and will be used by ALL students for research and assignment submission.  This is also where you will find consistent updates of activities in the classroom. 
Also, join Mr. Blitch's Remind (on the sidebar to the right).  
Things for class:
  • Binder (or some way to organize your work, notes, etc.)
  • Paper
  • Writing implements (Pencils, pens, etc.)
  • Other items as you see fit (colored pencils, markers, scissors, highlighters)
  • Agenda/planner
  • "The Outsiders" novel, by S.E. Hinton  (this is available many places online or bookstores)

1st Period 7:30 – 8:24

2nd Period 8:27 – 9:21

3rd Period 9:24– 10:18

4th Period 10:21 – 11:15 

5th Period 11:18 – 12:42 (lunch: 11:26-11:56)

Planning/Connections 12:45 - 2:35

Google Classroom code:
Mr. Blitch will supply this in class.
Text "@elamrbl" to 81010