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Mr. Avelar's Georgia Studies page

8th grade schedule
  • 1st Period 7:30-8:28 GC Code 7noxdyg
  • 2nd Period 8:30-9:28 GC Code spuhbpp
  • 3rd Period 9:30-10:28 GC Code lud67ds
  • 4th Period 10:30 - 11:58 (Lunch 10:34-11:04) GC Code zmibbat
  • 5th Period 12:00-12:57 GC Code isrmwk7
Office Hours are 1:15-2:30 most days unless there are meetings or content planning scheduled..  Please email or send a message via remind with questions.  Assignments will be sent through Google Classroom and deadlines will be firm.  Please be on time with assignments.  If you have a question about google classroom codes, please email me or send a remind message.  All students have been verified in class to have access.