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Welcome to the CMS PE Department Page!  Here you can find information about grading, participation policies, and performance expectations.
We will conduct Fitness Gram testing throughout the year to monitor the health of the students at CMS.
Physical Education Procedures



Students must wear athletic shorts, wind pants, or sweat pants, a t-shirt, and athletic shoes.

Clothes must be loose fitting.
Shorts must comply with the school dress code.
Clothes worn to school cannot be worn for P.E. that day, because of personal hygiene.
All shoes must be tied properly and fitted to the student’s feet/foot.                                                                                                       
No school athletic uniforms will be allowed as P.E. clothes (i.e. softball, basketball, soccer).
Any aerosol deodorants or body sprays should be sprayed outside the back of the locker room.

Shoe bags are the only bags permitted for PE. No backpacks allowed in the gym.




Students will be given 6 minutes to get dressed and be in their spot for roll call.

Students must check in with their teacher if they missed roll call.

Code of conduct is followed for occurrences of tardiness.



Students will be assigned a locker for PE class. This locker may only be used for that period and they must take their belongings with them when class ends. Please lock up all personal items during class, including all electronic devices.



Students will be given a grade every five days of class. 20 pts each day = 100 pts for the week and will receive 10 pts for dressing out and 10 pts for participation. Students are required to dress out for PE daily. All students will participate whether they dress out or not. At the end of each grading period there will be a 10 minute run test.

Grading is weighted for each grading period as follows:

Formative weekly run – 10%                  Dressing Out – 35%                Participation – 45%                Run Test – 10%



If a student is ill or injured, he/she needs to provide a written note or email from a parent, guardian or doctor excusing them from the physical activity of the day.
A doctor's excuse is required for extended illness or injury.
Students may complete make up work by running four laps for each day missed. Written work may be allowed as a substitute for laps at the teacher's discretion.
Activities may be modified for students with injuries to allow them to participate and receive credit.
Parents are encouraged to contact the P.E. teachers regarding medical conditions.



No form of an electronic device should be out and/or visible at any time while in PE.  During class, electronic devices should be locked into the student’s locker within the locker room.  Before and after class all electronics should be kept within their gym bag.  Discipline procedures will be followed in the event that an electronic device is visible.

Month Challenges
Daily Schedule

7:00 – 7:30 – Morning Duty


7:30 – 8:16  1st Period (6th)

8:20 – 9:05  2nd Period (6th)


9:06 – 9:24 – Planning


9:24 – 10:09  3rd Period (8th)

10:13 – 10:58  4th Period (8th)


10:59 – 1:01 – Planning


1:01 – 1:46  6th Period (7th)

1:50 – 2:35  7th Period (7th)