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Join PTO to stay connected with your students and school! Membership is $15. Pay online through Revtrak or send cash or check to CMS with your student to CMS PTO.

Why Membership and Volunteering Are Important

The Parent-Teacher relationship makes your child’s school all it should be. Just by joining your PTO you have already made a difference. With a $15 donation, you are supporting your school’s:

 √ Academics through teacher & staff appreciation & student incentives


√ Supplemental supplies: art supplies, PE & band equipment


√ Equipment for classrooms: Interactive Smart Boards, Printers, Security cameras, Walkie-talkies


√ Athletics Booster


√ Fine Arts Booster


√ Raider Academy


√ Many other social events supported by the PTO


There really is a difference between JOINING and being INVOLVED.  When you are INVOLVED, you benefit by:


√ Getting to know teachers and administrators


√ Showing appreciation for CMS staff to boost morale and productivity


√ Having an opportunity to get to know friends of your child


√ Being “in the know” of what is going on at the school and with your child


How can I get involved?


Read through the opportunities below and mark on your membership form how you would like to help.  Thanks for being involved!



*****A Closer Look at Opportunities to Volunteer******

Athletic and Fine Arts Boosters

There are many opportunities to get involved in Athletics/Fine Arts. We need volunteers for a host of things, including working the concession stands.

Dance Chaperone and Concessions

At our school dances, we need volunteers for chaperones, concessions, decorating and trinket tables (Valentine’s Dance). You can sign up for any or all of them. If you volunteer for the night, your child will be admitted FREE!!

Athletic Concessions

We always need volunteers to work in the concession stands at our sporting events!

Chaperones for Students Staying for Ball Games

This is a great way for kids to get to support their school team during home games, when their parents aren’t able to bring them back out to the game. Students who have pre-paid can stay after school and have hot dogs, chips, and drinks and then attend the game, and show their school spirit!


We have students at CMS that would benefit from an (extra) caring adult mentoring them. This is a GREAT opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life!


All fundraiser money must be counted and receipted and all orders have to be prepared. The more people that work together to do this, the faster and easier it is! This year we will need more helping hands than ever!

Helping on Student Picture Days

Twice each year, our students have their pictures made. We need a few volunteers who can help direct traffic in the gym.

Book Fair:

Twice each year, the Library hosts a Book Fair. Volunteers are needed to help with these events in various ways.

Baking and Cooking for Duty Free/Lunchroom Coverage for Duty Free

Duty Free Lunch is a time that our teachers can actually sit and enjoy a quite lunch with other teachers. Parent volunteers prepare the lunch, and patrol the lunchroom, while teachers enjoy their meal. This is a great program. We do this once a month and the teachers love it!!


***Remember: not all volunteering has to be done at the school. Some things can be done at home. Work that is done behind the scenes is very important! If you have any time, even if it is one hour per year, we greatly appreciate your help!***