CMS Chorus

Welcome to the CMS Chorus homepage!
My name is Mr. Bailey and I am so happy to be the director of choral studies at CMS! This is my fifth year at CMS and my seventeenth year of teaching chorus. I am looking forward to a great year of music-making!
My class schedule is:
7A Chorus: 7:30-8:23
7B Chorus: 8:25-9:18
6A Chorus: 9:50-10:43
6B Chorus: 10:45-11:38
8A Chorus: 12:45-1:37
8B Chorus: 1:40-2:30
My Google Classroom codes are:
6th Grade Chorus: 6s3s4qx
7th Grade Chorus: xpzk54b
8th Grade Chorus: rfuki7a
My Remind codes are:
6th Grade Chorus: @hkdf34
7th Grade Chorus: @dae38d
8th Grade Chorus: @k7h4bd